Miami is known for it’s popping nightlife, great food, and beautiful people - and rightfully so. By day, it’s a whirlwind of attractive, sun kissed bodies that swarm to the local beaches with smiles on their faces and fruity cocktails in their hands.

But by night, is when Miami truly comes alive.

Whether you’re a regular club-goer who likes to dance all hours of the night, or you prefer a more laid back, lounge-y scene, there is something for all types in Miami. From delicious restaurants, to high energy parties, you’re bound to have an exceptional experience wherever you end up going.

With locations all over the world, Byblos Restaurant offers an extensive menu of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. The overall feel of this restaurant is fresh and crisp; the moment you walk in, you’ll feel alive with it’s the vibrant energy. With bright decor, large open windows, and beautiful outdoor seating, this is the perfect place to go for an early dinner just as the sun sets.

Everything about this place is colorful - including the food. With a vast selection of fish, rice, meats, salads, and delicious appetizers, expect your meal to be presented beautifully and artistically. Not to mention, your drinks will be hand delivered on a silver platter - literally - and we all know that anyone who uses a silver platter means business.

Having appeared in Zagat, Urbandaddy, and Haute Living, Byblos is well-known around the world. It’s classic glamour combined with sweet charm brings us a new flavor of Mediterranean dishes.

For another colorful but slightly more eclectic scene, Coya is a restaurant you can’t miss.

The bold color scheme coupled with the traditional peruvian cuisine will leave you with a true taste of Latin American culture. They’re always packed, and always busy; regardless, the service is impeccable.

With an innovative specialty pisco bar, fully stocked with rare tequilas and rums, you can’t leave this place without having an in-house naturally infused cocktail. Similarly, their infamous ceviche bar provides a unique experience as you watch the chefs prepare the fish in front of your plate.

Their lively tango and salsa music is paired with a mainstream genre, giving a modern feel to the soul of the restaurant. Also mirroring that aspect is their decor: a modern but old world charm is presented with the traditional, yet somewhat art deco design. Whether you sit indoors, or on the back terrace, any experience at Coya will sweep you off the busy Miami streets and send you on a cultural journey into a Spanish wonderland.

If you prefer a slightly more stimulating experience, Villa Azur is the perfect combination of partying and dining; some have said that it’s like eating dinner in the middle of a club. Adorned in mostly white, the atmosphere will leave you feeling both elegant and excited by all the hectic action.

For a wild, late night party, LIV is the mecca of all clubs to hit while you’re in Miami. With its dramatic high ceilings, oversized couches, and neon LED lights, you’ll basically feel like you’re at a rave - or, at the very least, you’ll have a place to party once WMC is over. Packed with beautiful people, chic fashion statements, and a never ending supply of Cristal, this place is the ultimate playground for any club goer.

More than one huge DJ name has been sited at LIV, including Diplo, A-Trak, Dirty South, and Alesso. The electro music vibrates throughout the venue as you dance all night to dirty beats, trippy lights, and of course, the beloved confetti that rains from all corners of the room.

LIV is known for being highly exclusive: seemingly magical once you’re inside, but like any pandora’s box, it is not exactly easy to get past the strict door. If you do manage to get in, be sure to LIV it up and take some hot photos for proof: pictures or it didn’t happen.

If you’re drawn to the club scene with a somewhat more laidback feel, FDR is the lounge for you. It’s dark, sexy atmosphere is the perfect place to let your hair down in style. It’s conveniently located in the Delano Hotel, which is known for luxurious rooms, exquisite service, and divine appearance.

Everything about FDR screams opulence; just being in the lavish lounge will make you feel like a more gorgeous human being. Dripping in gold, the decor is contemporary in style, with elegant tables and plush couches. The soft, feminine photographs blown up on the walls perfectly complement the angular furniture and geometric designs.

Having appeared in Esquire, Huffington Post, Thrillist, Cosmopolitan, and other big names, this establishment is widely known across the globe.

Located just down the block from the Delano is the Dream Hotel, which is known for housing a few celebrities at a time. Both NakedTaco and Highbar reside in the Dream, providing the trifecta of all your hopes and dreams: ritzy hotel rooms, delicious Mexican bites, and a rooftop pool for a day that will carry you into the night.

The yummy Mexican eatery has three separate rooms for you to take your pick: the alfresco patio, Bar Noche, and Bar Manana. The menu is a delightful mix of both appetizers to share with friends, and generously proportioned meals from fajitas, burritos, to enchiladas.

Just upstairs from the restaurant is Highbar. Adorned with cool, mod fixtures, this rooftop will make you feel like your life is straight out of a movie. Here, you can enjoy the infinity pool with a trademark cocktail in hand, and post pictures to Facebook to make all of your friends jealous.

Just don’t be surprised if someone defriends you. You can’t help that you’re so beautiful.

If your wallet is hurting from the night before, Seaspice is the perfect option for Sunday brunch. With over seven options on the menu including eggs, you’ll be sure to get over your hangover in no time.

If you’re not at Seaspice on Sunday, then you’ll definitely be at the infamous Hyde Beach. Named in Thrillist’s“Top 5 Best Pool Parties in Miami,” Hyde Beach throws a fabulous Sunday party. With floaties, sunnies, and sexy bathing suits, Sunday Funday at Hyde will never fail to deliver the perfect ending to a Miami weekend.

Known for their crafty fruity drinks, you’ll have a relaxing but fun time nursing your hangover from the night before. Because who doesn’t go hard in Miami? You can casually lounge on a daybed by the pool with a cucumber melon margarita, or if you’re feeling like a real team player, get wet ‘n’ wild with the Sunday festivities.