Located in the SLS South Beach luxury hotel, Hyde Beach is an extremely well established venue with all day festivities. First known for their locations in Las Vegas and LA, Hyde Beach has recently brought a fresh beat to Miami as well. With a massive pool, a terrace, and an extensive bar, this is the perfect place to party either day or night.

By day, Hyde Beach brings in a lounge-y crowd looking to sip on fruity cocktails, enjoy the glistening sun, and dip in the sprawling pool. Patrons scatter themselves around the border of the incredible pool on different colored lounge chairs: orange, cream, and black and white striped recliners stagger between each other, creating a delightful pattern from a bird's eye view. You’ve gotta look good from all angles, right?

Beyond the patio, lay cabanas that can be rented out for the day, allowing for a super exclusive experience if you might want to sneak away from the sun for a little while. Next to the guest pool there is an oversized rubber duck that sits atop black, white, and gold geometrically designed tiles. Only, it’s not rubber at all; shiny, sleek, silver, and robust in shape and size, this little big ducky is eye catching and memorable to say the least. Here, you can enjoy pitchers of their signature cucumber watermelon margaritas, mango mojitos, and, if you want to really ball out, large vases of sangria.

The indoor space at Hyde will draw you in with its playful nature: sitting atop the bars are red fringed lampshades with tiki lamps, and elegant Murano chandeliers surround the main bar. Spaced throughout the room are charming little sofas adorned with brightly colored, tropical looking pillows. Extending across the walls are vintage surfer works of art that touch the edges of the sliding glass doors leading out to the infinity pool.

Most attire at Hyde Beach is upscale beachy, meaning sexy swim suits and glittery stilettos are not only socially acceptable - but openly welcomed. Known for their Sunday pool parties, sometimes some funkier apparel is also part of the norm. Girls have been sighted in batman and superwoman swimsuits, gold strappy onesies, and neon pink, yellow, or green tutus. But then again, whoever says you can’t wear a tutu everyday should just go home, anyway.