Whether you’re staying at the Delano Hotel or not, FDR is the lounge to hit. Since the day it opened, it has been attracting a chic, and glamorous crowd - and there’s no stopping it now.

Built in the basement of the Delano, this venue has created a subterranean space for any club-goer to feel as though they have submerged into a different realm for the night. Dripping in gold, the plush couches and leather tufted walls make anyone and everyone who enters the lounge feel elite.

Because FDR is only made up of two rooms, the crowd here feels warm and intimate. In one room, clientele scatter between the long, elegant bar, with high, illuminated bar stools, and small tables that are coupled with geometric designed couches. Here, you can enjoy a cocktail under a ceiling adorned with lights: in the center sits a glistening disco ball encompassed by silver waves of twinkling luster. Beyond the disco ball are blue neon lights that stack into a square, accentuating a glow around the tables just below.

In the other room, sits soft, velvety couches, tufted to highlight the similarly tufted walls around them. A long, sleek bar cuts angularly to the center of the room, creating both sitting and standing areas for all its guests. The aura and atmosphere at FDR is opulent, exquisite, and refined in an old classic manner.

Known for their specialty cocktails - perhaps the best in all of Miami - FDR brings in a crowd looking to sip on expensive and tasty drinks before the night gets wild. Having made appearances in Urbandaddy, Thrillist, Cosmopolitan, and even The New York Post, people all over the globe know FDR at Delano. Featuring an array of music genres, DJs here play anything and everything from the latest most popular beats.

The mobs of beautiful people are allured to this swanky and lavish venue to do none other than: dress to impress. You’ll be sure to sight some celebrities and well-known faces, so whip out your Louboutins, strap on your sexiest dress, and save your best dance moves for later in the night when the crowd turns from lounge-y to dance-y. You can worry about your hangover tomorrow.