Located on the famed Collins Avenue, Byblos Restaurant has become one of the hottest new spots in all of South Beach. The attractive, upscale crowd, coupled with delicious food and beautiful decor, allows this restaurant to create the perfect atmosphere for anyone living in or visiting Miami.

The entire venue is doused in color, adventure, and fresh energy; the bright decor, large open windows, and outdoor seating sets a beautiful, and quaint scene at this two story restaurant. The light blues and whites in the furniture are perfectly complemented by round, gold banquets, gold accented paintings, and gold lighting. The turquoise tufted couches pop upon entering the room, and make any guest feel excited about their experience there.

The colorful atmosphere fits perfectly with the colorful food. Creating the perfect marriage between modern and traditional cuisine, it wouldn’t do this venue justice to simply call it an Eastern Mediterranean menu. The chef has been heard saying that the cuisine is Mediterranean - but with a twist.

There certainly isn’t your average hummus platter, or baba ganouj on the menu. Rather, a huge selection of fish, meat, and many appetizers; each plate is presented in a wonderfully artistic way. The cuisine, together, takes from Greece, Lebanon, Israel, and reaches all the way across the Mediterranean Sea to take a bit from Morocco as well. To say the very least, the menu is certainly unorthodox in taste, appearance, and creativity.

Best known for their cold tea service, Byblos serves all of their cocktails on silver platters, creating a feeling of divine, mystical hospitality. You might as well be living in a fairytale here.

Having appeared in Urbandaddy, Haute Living, Digest Miami, and of course, Zagat, Byblos Restaurant has gained an extremely distinguished reputation, attracting a ritzy, upscale, attractive crowd. Though there are locations all over the world, this restaurant originates in Canada - Toronto, specifically.

Perhaps it was too many ketchup chips, or an overload of poutine, but the creators of this restaurant certainly adopted a different take from your typical Canadian simplicity. They brought new zest, new taste, and a new appetite to the food palates of Miami. Let’s just say, their food game is going pretty strong.