Known for it’s trendy crowd, lively environment, and excellent service, Bâoli is one of the hottest spots in Miami to party. Located on Collins avenue, one of South Beach’s most well known streets, the restaurant/lounge provides a delightful dining experience before becoming the perfect place for any party-goer.

The restaurant presents a delicious mix of French, Italian, and Spanish cuisine with a hint of Orient taste. Being the delectable combination of both Mediterranean and Asian food, the menu is packed with choices from sushi and seafood, to meats and pastas. With an extensive, yummy cocktail list, your experience at Baoli will feel like a sensory overload: impeccable food, tasty drinks, and plenty of fun dancing.

First established in France, Bâoli Cannes and Bâoli Beach have branded their name with quality and genius. Their most recent opening in South Beach has allowed for a smooth sequence between France’s refined class, and Miami’s bold character. Huge DJ names such as David Guetta, Avicii, and Bob Sinclair have been sighted at the venue, with their renowned world class sound system, and crowd pleasing beats.

The interior design of the venue is nothing less than chic, elegant, and modern. Black leather tufted couches swarm the layout, outstretched beneath dark, blazing purple lights. Clean, white chandeliers light the room, and beautiful flowers give the area a splash of color. The indoor atmosphere is dim, mood-setting, and sexy; basically, this is the perfect place to bring anyone on a date if you want to close the deal.

The outside garden provides an experience similar to that of a fairytale. Trees are ornamented with delicate white lights, and the shrubbery is primped with purple shadows; the bar is decorated with plush red stools, also tufted to complement the couches around the tables. Any experience, indoors or outdoors, will leave you with a memorable night.

The crowd at Bâoli attracts both Miami locals, and stylish jet-setters; regardless, as a whole, they are all beautiful people. The venue exudes style, taste, and class, and your experience there will never disappoint. The overall flirty tone will certainly send you into a flirtationship with anyone you meet; be sure to snag a cute, ornamental fan that says My boyfriend is out of town. And if you don’t go for one of those, at least be sure to hit Bâoli later in the night so that you can club with their infamous cottoncandy. Why?

Well, because, cottoncandy.