Recently named by Time Out as one of the Best Miami Beach Restaurants, Drunken Dragon has dropped onto the scene quick and hot. Known for it’s asian fusion, the restaurant has married some of the authentic details of asian cuisine with unique concepts to make it new, fresh - and, of course, to attract a super trendy crowd.

Korean barbeque is meant to be an experience - and an experience it is. From ribs, pork belly, or duck, to octopus, lobster, or oysters, the assortment of meats and and seafood is extensive. Having a fully interactive meal and watching the meats as they simmer in the stone bowl on the table before your, your dinner experience will be - might we say - quite fun.

Though it is mostly Korean, the cuisine is a bit more Pan Asian, seeing that the menu also includes lots of rice and noodles, edamame, and a few bites of sushi. The wine and beer list spans over Western and Eastern Europe, dips into South America, and reaches right into the west coast of the States. You can order a fruity cocktail that will be served in an oversized skull mug, or to complement the asian cuisine, you can get some sake - cold or hot.

More than anything else, the ambience and atmosphere are what make Drunken Dragon so special. Covertly placed in a strip mall, this restaurant is not exactly easy to find; if you don’t already know where you’re going, it may be impossible to stumble upon it. From the outside, the windows are blacked out, and there is just one large, neon-lit sign reading, Market.

Mirroring the seductive, red sign out front is the small entranceway of the restaurant. Upon arriving, all patrons are welcomed by a hostess stand that was once a dim sum cart, and splattered on the walls are enticing and provocative photographs of Japanese bondage. In this way, your introduction to the restaurant, and closure upon leaving after your meal, both leave you seduced by the charisma and confidence of the venue.

Being Miami’s first Korean BBQ, Drunken Dragon has become extremely popular amongst the upscale, trendy crowd of South Beach. The tiki-themed cocktails, do-it-yourself method meals, and spicy, flavorful food all tie in to make any experience here, one to remember.